Does Handheld Hair Steamer Really Work?

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Handheld hair steamers such as Q-Redew recently popped up over social media, some Youtubers reviewed it for better or worse. Are these hair steamers really that bad or effective for the health of your hair?

  • Less powerful than hooded hair steamers, so it may not give you that much benefits
  • It takes 5 minutes to heat up the water for steam coming out, it doesn’t work consistantly.
  • Small water chamber mean you have to refill the chamber in the middle of your conditioning sessions. Sometimes it gets loose.
  • Going over your hair section using a handheld steamer is very time consuming, and you have to press and hold the button to keep steaming.
  • Holding a bulky and heavy hair steamer is not comfortable

What’s the alternative?

Actually you can try ABYON ML-0019 Steamer for Clothes, if you have a healthy hair because this one is more powerful than Q-Redew – the steam has higher temperature and the flow of steam is on higher level than the latter. Apply the conditioner and spray the steam in the right way you will see it’s going to be a game changer.

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