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15 Picture-Perfect Hairstyles for Straight Hair in 2023

Regardless of the latest trends in the hair world, straight hair is always desired. Even if your hair isn’t naturally straight, achieving this look is actually very easy, whether your hair is super short or luxuriously long.


How to Straighten Hair Using Hair Straighteners?

The most important thing to keep in mind when straightening your hair is that a hair straightener gets very hot. This means you should focus on protecting your precious strands from too much heat and subsequent damage as much as possible.

To begin, get your hands on a decent quality hair straightener and plug it in. Try to avoid the highest heat setting if you can. Next, you’ll want to section off your hair into layers for the most efficient job. First, tie all of your hair up except the bottom layer.

Before straightening, apply a heat protector to each section of hair. This can be in the form of an oil or a product labeled specifically as a heat protector. Spritz hair a few times, then comb through.

Next, run the straightener slowly down the length of your hair. You may have to do it one or two more times, depending on how much curl your natural texture has.

Move through each section, taking care to protect each section before straightening. If you find that your hair typically falls flat, apply a root spray to hair when wet before styling.

Finally, brush through the hair and you’re ready to go. You likely won’t need to add any shine spray because straighteners typically make hair nice and shiny all on its own.


Delightful Straight Hairstyles

Below are 15 different styles for women with beautiful straight locks, whether your hair is short or long.

1. Sweeping Pixie

short straight hair

Try a pixie cut if you’re into short straight hair. This style is a little longer than most, making it perfect for hair that has natural body and volume. Frame your gorgeous face with a side part and let those sleek locks shine.


2. Shoulder-Length Locks

medium straight hair

Oftentimes, straight locks can be fine and the longer hair grows, the thinner it looks. This makes medium straight hair ideal if you want hair that reaches to your shoulders that still looks beautifully thick. Additionally, a deep side part can easily act as a volume booster.


3. Big Bun Updo

long straight hair

Sleek updos are the way to go if you have long straight hair. Big buns are very in right now. They not only help you manage a lot of hair, but they frame a delicate face so beautifully.


4. Asymmetrical Bob

straight bob

If your texture can’t do all the talking, let your style work some magic. An asymmetrical straight bob adds interest to otherwise basic hair. A side or middle part work just as well. Don’t create too much difference in length between each side if you prefer a subtle look.


5. Bubble Ponytail

straight hairstyle for black girl

High ponytails are a great option for a straight hairstyle for Black girl. To make it a bit more fun, try a creative bubble ponytail look. To create, simply tie your hair into a sleek high ponytail. Every few inches, tie hair with a small rubber band then gently pull each section out to create a voluminous, bubble effect.


6. Face-framing Up-do

straight hair updo

Ballet style buns make for a beautiful straight hair updo. Leaving a few pieces down to frame the face, however, can truly elevate this look. It softens your eyes and looks fantastic for casual and formal events alike.


7. Romantic Wedding Style

straight hairstyle for wedding

You can wear your hair pinned up and proper, or you can emulate a romantic, bohemian style that is all the rage these days. It’s an easy and lovely straight hairstyle for wedding that frames any face shape beautifully.


8. Layers for Thick Hair

layered straight hair

Working with tons of enviously thick hair? Try this layered straight hair look to break up bulk and give thick and even course hair some movement. Long, face-framing layers work for virtually everyone.


9. Double Braids

straight hairstyle for round face

Create length with a straight hairstyle for round face. If your hair is long, double braids help to narrow and draw the eye downwards. Plus, let’s face it, braids are sweet and also functional for an active day.


10. Soft Short Chop

straight hairstyle for women over 50

A straight hairstyle for women over 50 is the easiest for softening maturing skin and illuminating your eyes and cheekbones. Try a sweet pixie to make dry, brittle hair more manageable. A side part is ideal for virtually every face shape, too.


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11. Side Braid

thick straight hair

Braids make for such an easy and attainable style for thick straight hair. Have it run down your back or try a side style for a little extra flair. We especially love braids if you have dynamic highlights.


12. Pompadour

straight hairstyle for fine hair

Play with your short locks and try a pompadour. This straight hairstyle for fine hair adds gorgeous height to hair that lacks volume naturally. Crop hair close at the sides with a trendy undercut that enhances this style and shows off your beautiful bone structure.


13. Soft Ombre

ombre straight hair

A great way to add interest to simple hair is with dynamic color. Try ombre straight hair by focusing lighter color at the lower half of your locks. Ombre grows out easily and makes straight hair a little bit more intriguing. Just so you know, this color effect can work on short hair as well.


14. Braided Balayage

balayage on straight hair

Again, highlight techniques like balayage on straight hair can really amp up your look. Bright colors can be so fun, but more traditional ones can work just as well. Additionally, straight hair actually makes braided styles more noticeable, so consider trying an intricate look on short, medium, or long hair.


15. Space Buns

blonde straight hair

Yes, space buns can be done on curly hair, but it’s a great option for blonde straight hair that wants to have a little fun! Simply divide hair straight down the middle with a center part that reaches back to the nape of your neck. Work each section up to the top corner of the hair and wrap into a bun. Add ribbons, sparkles, or any fun detail that you like!

Never again think that your straight hair is simple or boring. Try one of these incredible styles to show off your texture or to try something different if you have curly, wavy, or even kinky hair. Which straight look will you choose?