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Reviewing The 6 Best Wave Brushes On The Market

Having thick and wavy hair is truly a blessing, but this hair type can often be a challenge to manage. Fortunately, there are tons of amazing wave brushes out there made with natural fibers that are perfectly suited to enhancing texture and promoting shine. Each brush on this list make coarse hair manageable and lustrous with each stroke.

ImageTitleEditor's RankPrice
Product ImageTop TopTorino Pro #350 Wave BrushBest OverallSee Price
Product ImageTop TopDiane 2 Sided Boar Bristle Wave BrushBest for Smoothing Wave StyleSee Price
Product ImageTop TopKingston Grooming Wave BrushRecommended for Both Hair and BeardSee Price
Product ImageTop TopTorino Pro #470 Wave BrushBest for Coarse HairSee Price
Product ImageTop TopWav Enforcer Spin Wave BrushBest for Thicker HairSee Price
Product ImageTop TopDiane Boar Reinforced Wave BrushBest for Tight CurlsSee Price

The Best Wave Brushes to Buy in 2023

We’ve compiled an excellent list to give you the lowdown on the best wave brushes in the market. Read on for the top 6 choices available today.

1. Torino Pro Wave Brush #350 by Brush King– Best Overall

With over 3,600 5-star ratings on Amazon, the Torino Pro Wave Brush by Wave King is here to serve.

Not only is it a fan favorite, but professional athletes and celebrities alike are drawn to this amazing little tool.

This brush is defined by 100% boar bristles that really grip to bring out the gorgeous shine that your coarse hair deserves.

2. Diane 2 Sided Boar Bristle Wave Brush– Best for Smoothing Wave Style

The Diane 2 Sided Boar Bristle Wave Brush packs a serious punch for the price. At only $5, it is an Amazon’s Choice with thousands of 5-star reviews.

It has medium boar bristles on one side and firm nylon reinforced boar bristles on the other for truly versatile styling. This brush may be strong enough to do the trick but this tool is designed for sensitive scalps. It prevents breakage and seals split ends quickly and effectively.

Additionally, it has a 5 inch long oval base that has a UV coating to protect the wood from moisture. This will ensure that this tool will really last for years to come.

This curved brush is great for beards and hair and is typically recommended for short hair. The Kingston Grooming Wave Brush not only works but looks super luxe.

Rest assured that its supreme style is also top quality.  It has 100% boar hair with no fillers or nylon and a beechwood backing. Its curved design is ideal for maximum contact on either the face or the scalp

This brush comes with a box for traveling or storage so it’s perfect if you’re organized and neat or always on the go. To top if all off, this brush is 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

4. Torino Pro #470 Wave Brush– Best for Coarse Hair

For the coarsest of the coarse when it comes to hair, look no further than the Torino Pro. This tool does not mess around! While it definitely works, it is recommended for use on only extremely tough locks.

While we love the red tones of this wood, it is the contoured shape that means the most, as it promotes the best grip for your hair type.

Plus, each brush comes with a hair brush maintenance insert to extend its longevity and keep it looking brand new for years to come.

5. Wav Enforcer Spin Wave Brush– Best for Thicker Hair

The Wav Enforcer Spin Wave Brush is another cheap option under $5. It doesn’t sacrifice anything in terms of quality, however.

It boasts of 100% boar bristles and a solid wood brush, so you know that you’re investing in a quality and premium product. Using the Wav brush stimulates the scalp to promote hair growth and create shine.

This brush is labeled as ideal for low to medium cuts.

6. Diane Boar Reinforced Wave Brush– Best for Tight Curls

The Diane Boar Reinforced Wave Brush is another super affordable option on this list. What sets it apart from the rest is its defining and unique rectangular shape.

Nylon reinforced boar bristles come with an advanced implantation technology that will make sure that the bristles never fall out. The ergonomic shape of the handle means easy styling that will last.

This brush is ideal for smoothing, styling, and maintaining your wavy hair looks as it evenly distributes oil from the scalp evenly over hair for lots of shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best wave brush?

The best wave brush is the Royalty Shower Wave Brush. It has hard bristles which clean the dead skin from your hair leaving it vibrant. 

This brush is designed for the shower so that customers can feel the effect of a clean scalp. The tough bristles will brush difficult-to-reach hair and keep hair in optimal shape.

How to choose a good wave brush?

For shorter hair, the best way to create waves in your hair is by using a soft brush. Hard bristles may develop the wave shape quicker but causes hair breakage on short hair.

Hard brushes should be used to get down to the hair’s roots and train the hair’s shape.

How should I pick a wave brush?

Whether is it a soft wave brush, medium wave brush, or hard wave brush, they should have the following characteristics:
– Natural bristles like natural boar bristles
– Paddle wave brushes are used on long, thick hair
– Hard bristle for thick hair
– A soft bristle should be used on short hair (so a sensitive scalp isn’t irritated)
– Compact size for more control
– Ergonomic design elements to prevent hand fatigue

How do wave brushes work?

They are designed to enhance existing curls and eliminate frizz from dry hair. They may be a curved brush to fit the scalp and have natural, widely spaced bristles.

If you use it in the direction of the hair waves, you can train the wave pattern. This results in more defined hair waves.

Regardless of which brush you choose, either one on this list will manage your coarse, thick hair like a charm.

Natural boar bristles are best and wooden handles communicate quality that will last. Just think about the price and you’re ready to select your wave brush!

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