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How Long Can I Expect A Flat Iron to Last?

For those who love to have perfectly straight hair but aren’t blessed with naturally straight locks, your flat iron is probably your favorite hair styling tool.

If you are a fan of doing your hair every day with a flat iron but are beginning to wonder whether or not your straightener is losing its ability to function properly, this might be a sign that you need to replace it.


How long should a flat iron last?

Your flat iron should work properly and last for about two to three years depending on how many times per week you use it.

To learn more about how long can a flat iron last and the signs your flat iron should soon be decommissioned, continue reading some of our telltale signs below.

Warning Lights

flat iron lights

If you have been using your hair straightener for many years and are beginning to wonder how long a flat iron should last, take a look at its lights.

Most hair straighteners will have a series of notification and warning lights to inform the user when the straightener is on, when you have it plugged in, when it is warm, and when it is overheating.

There will also usually be a warning light to inform you that it is dangerously hot or losing power. If these or any aforementioned lights are blinking or flickering uncontrollably and you have had your straightener for upwards of two or three years, this is a major sign that it might be time for you to invest in a new flat iron.


Frizzy Hair

damaged flat iron

If your straightener gives you frizzy hair instead of perfectly sleek streaks, this might mean that it has outrun its lifespan. A hair straightener should always go with the grain of your hair and never pull little pieces.

If you have frizzy hair, this means the plates may be worn or damaged and are creaking hair breakage as you slide the flat iron down your strands.

While how long your straightener will last depends on how often it is used, you can be sure that a straightener used even once a week that creates frizzy hair is ready to be replaced.


A Bad Smell

bad smell from flat iron

Another way to tell whether your hair straightener has come to the end of its life is if it constantly produces a bad smell when being used.

This is a clear sign that the plates are burnt or melting or that they have begun to shed their protective material and may even be rusting. If your flat iron smells bad after a few years of use, this means it needs to be replaced.


Keep Your Hair Straight and Healthy

healthy straight hair

How long does a straightening iron last? This depends on how often it is used and cleaned. If you use your flat iron every day to ensure beautiful, slick, and straight locks, the odds are that it will work properly for up to two years.

If you use your straightening iron only once to a few times per week to add some sleek shine to your hair, your straightener could last up to three years.

When your flat iron surpasses two or three years of use, the chances that it will begin to damage your hair become higher. Consider replacing your flat iron with the newest technology so that you can keep your hair strong and healthy.

To reiterate, all in all, your hair straightener is expected to last about two to three years.


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