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5 Best Hair Dryers for Fast Drying (2023 Review)

If you’re someone who is always in a hurry in the morning, you probably don’t bother to dry your hair if you can avoid it. It can be incredibly tiring if you have long and thick hair. Often it feels like it will never dry, and you end up going out with damp hair!

The trick is to find a hair dryer that actually dries your hair fast. If you’re in a hurry, check our list of the fastest-drying hair dryers to buy in 2023.

ImageTitleEditor's RankPrice
Product Image TopINFINITI PRO BY CONAIR AC Motor Hair DryerBest OverallSee Price
Product Image TopREVLON 1875W Infrared Heat Hair Dryer#1 Editor's ChoiceSee Price
Product Image TopJinri Professional Ionic Blow Hair DryerBest for Curly HairSee Price
Product Image TopConair Powerful 2200w Ionic Hair DryerBest for Damage ProtectionSee Price


How Does a Fast Drying Hair Dryer Work?

Ideally, your fast hair dryer would have a higher wattage, as it correlates to how fast and hot the air will be when you dry your hair.

Another feature you may notice in these fast dryers is their ionic or infrared technology. Both ionic and infrared technology aid in faster drying.

Ionic technology because of its ability to break down water molecules, and infrared because it gives off a longer heat wavelength, drying your hair from the cuticles.


Best Fast Drying Hair Dryers

So what are the best fast drying hair dryers that force you to pay a professional price? Here’s the detailed review for each one of them to help you pick the right one for you.

1. TREZORO Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

Ionic Salon Hair Dryer - 2200 Watt Professional Blow Dryer with Diffuser & Comb - Lightweight Travel...
  • 2X More Powerful 2200W Motor: Some brands claim to dry hair fast, but their dryers’ motors are heavy and noisy. Our lightweight 2200W DC motor features...
  • Perfect Curls: Our wide bowl diffuser evenly distributes heat from root to tip, while staggered prongs gently catch curls for an anti-frizz finish on all...
  • 9/10 Recommend Us: Experience our highly acclaimed professional hair dryer with unparalleled performance. Our salon-quality hair dryers effortlessly...
  • Kinder to Hair: Our ceramic tourmaline grilles create far infrared heat, which dries hair from the inside out. This reduces damage, resulting in softer,...

Trezoro is a popular name when it comes to high-quality hair dryers. The Trezoro Professional Ionic Salon Hairdryer is, as its name suggests, one that uses ionic technology to dry your hair faster. It has two different speeds as well as two nozzle attachments that concentrate the air over particular areas.

This ceramic hair dryer works on most hair types, claiming to quickly dry hair that is thick or thin, frizzy or curly or straight.


  • Built-in advanced ions generator
  • Turbo speed that transfers ten times more ions and thus helps to remove static and reduces frizz.
  • Ceramic tourmaline makes hair soft and smooth
  • Three heat settings and two speeds
  • Two concentrator nozzles for curly, straight, thin, or thick hair
  • Soft-touch body
  • Non-slip handle
  • Detachable rear filter


  • Great for professionals and home use
  • Works on all hair types
  • Quieter than other dryers
  • Reasonable price
  • Lighter than some other choices


  • Some users had problems with the heating element
  • May not work or last very long



Another affordable option is this Infiniti Pro by Conair. This dryer has essential elements that you need to dry your hair fast – high wattage and ionic technology. There are three heat settings, two speeds, and a cool button for when you need it.


  • Ceramic technology
  • Frizz fighting conditioning ions
  • Cold Shot button keeps your hair in place
  • Three heat and two speed settings for different hair types
  • The removable filter prevents lint buildup
  • Concentrator nozzle for focused airflow


  • Fast drying
  • Fights frizz
  • Gentle, even heat
  • Custom settings with two attachments for all hair types
  • Powerful and long life.


  • Shorter cord than other hair dryers
  • Noise level is not for everyone
  • Not as fast-drying for some people’s taste


3. REVLON 1875W Infrared Heat Hair Dryer

This Revlon hair dryer has proven to be a popular choice on Amazon. It uses infrared technology and has warm and hot heat settings and low and high air settings. The hair dryer also comes with a “cool shot” feature that helps to keep your hair set.


  • Infrared heat technology for shiny, soft hair
  • Tourmaline ionic technology that helps reduce frizz
  • Ceramic coating
  • Two heat and two speed settings
  • Cool shot button
  • Concentrator and diffuser attachments


  • Infrared technology
  • Dries hair quickly
  • Great price
  • Attachments are easy to use
  • Less harsh on hair than regular dryers


  • Wattage can vary depending on the location of use
  • Weight or button placement could be inconvenient for some


4. Jinri Professional Ionic Blow Hair Dryer

The Jinri hair dryer is an excellent pick, especially if you have curly hair. Its infrared and ionic technology dries your hair safely and quickly, even if your hair is super thick.

It comes with a diffuser, which works gently and efficiently on curly hair, as well as a concentrator attachment. There are two speed settings and three heat settings for you to choose from.


  • Negative Ionic technology
  • Ceramic
  • Far Infrared
  • 1875W power and AC motor
  • Lightweight body
  • Low noise features
  • Protects against heat damage
  • Adjustable temperature and speed
  • Cool Shot Button


  • Uses infrared and ionic technology
  • Lightweight
  • Reduced noise
  • Customizable with settings and attachments


  • Some had trouble with the dryer dying too quickly
  • Speed settings may not please all


5. Conair Powerful 2200w Ionic Hair Dryer

The Conair hair dryer has a soft-touch surface for a comfortable grip, allowing you to style in various ways with ease. As well as its impressive ionic and tourmaline ceramic technology, this powerful dryer also has a high-torque motor.

The tourmaline technology gives even infrared heat that protects your hair from heat damage. The ionic technology helps keep frizz at bay and adds shine to your hair.


  • Ionic and tourmaline ceramic technology
  • Cool Shot button
  • Rocker switches for easy handling
  • Three heat and two speed settings for different hair types
  • 1875 watts
  • High-torque motor
  • Hinged filter
  • Concentrator attachment
  • Diffuser attachment
  • Hanging ring for storage


  • Both ionic and tourmaline technology
  • Keeps hair smooth and frizz-free
  • Customizable controls and attachments
  • Convenient hanging ring


  • The diffuser does not suit everyone
  • Attachments may not be easy to put on or take off


How to Choose A Fast Drying Hair Dryer

How to Choose Best Fast Drying Hair Dryer

There are several areas to consider when selecting the right fast drying hair dryer, including technology, wattage, and features.


If you want to dry your hair fast and safely, you’ll need to check how the dryer dries your hair. If there is ionic or infrared technology, chances are your hair will be dried much faster.

The Wattage

Fast-drying hair dryers should have a power of at least 1800 watts. If you consider low-wattage hair dryers, check these blow dryers.


It helps to cut down the variety of choices if you know what features you need. A diffuser and concentrator attachment? A cool shot button? Higher wattage? It all depends on your needs.



How do you know if a hair dryer is powerful?

If the wattage is high, the dryer will be more powerful at a wattage of at least 1800-1850.


What helps hair dry faster?

It’s best to take care of your hair before drying it. If you can, let it sit in a towel for a bit, or use a conditioner.


How can I avoid damaging my hair?

If you worry about damaging your hair every time you dry it, it helps to use a hair product that prevents heat damage before drying your hair.


Final Thoughts

All of these fast-drying hair dryers are great, depending on your preferences and hair type. It also helps that those on this list won’t break the bank if you purchase them. Good luck in your search for fast-drying hair tools!